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About us

With over 25 years experience in the transportation industry, our consulting services provide expert advice in areas of shipping, transportation and loading/unloading practices. We're able to be a part of your team to make sure you are receiving the highest value for your transportation budget.

We have also teamed with a number of outstanding Regional and Long-Haul carriers to provide local and coast to coast coverage for your regular shipping needs.

In our fulfillment center we have daily UPS, USPS and Fed-Ex deliveries and pick up. Our representatives work directly with you to provide the best rates and service.

We make your INTERMODAL shipments happen seamlessly. Excellent rates and service get your shipment where it has to be, when it has to be there, safe and intact!

Call- 215-441-5901 or e-mail jmalone@shipmsc.com for FREE information.